Residences of Susan Alice Williams

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Susan Alice Williams

Mother of Jarrett Williams, Grandmother of Curtis O’Deal Williams

Susan Alice Williams was born in Alabama in May, 1857. At the time of the 1900 United States Census, Susan was 43 years old and widowed. The family lived in Bostic, Pickens County, Alabama on June 30, 1900.

Susan had given birth to five children. Four children were living. Emma, born in December 1887, was twelve years old. Peter, born in July 1891, was eight years old. Jarrett, born in August 1893, was six years old. And Frank, born in February 1896, was four years old.

According to the 1900 United States Census, Susan was the head of the household. Her occupation was farmer. Like Susan, both of her parents had been born in Alabama. The father of her children had been born in Mississippi. Like their father, the children, Emma, Peter, Jarrett and Frank, had been born in Mississippi.

Susan’s two month old niece, Mattie, born March 1900, was living with the family. Since Mattie was born in Alabama and both her parents were born in Alabama, it is likely that Mattie was Susan’s niece from Susan’s side of the family.

Both Susan and her daughter, Emma, could read, write and speak English.

I can find no record of Susan’s husband. If his son, Frank, was carried full term, Susan’s husband must have died sometime between June 1895 and June 30, 1900 when the 1900 Census was taken. When Emma was born in 1887, Susan would have been 30 years old. I’m surprised Susan got married and started having children so late in life.

According to the 1910 United States Federal Census, Susan A. Williams, 53, and three of her children lived at Gordo, Pickens County, Alabama on May 2, 1910. Emma C. was twenty-two years old, Jarrett F. was sixteen years old and Martin F. was fourteen years old. All of the children were unmarried. Susan had not remarried.

Susan was a self-employed farmer on a “general farm”. All of her children were wage-earning “farm laborers” on a “house farm”. Susan was renting the farm where they lived.

Susan must have been one tough lady to run a farm with her children and never remarry.

According to the 1930 United States Federal Census, Susan A Williams, 72, was living with her son, Jarrett, and his wife, Indiaola, at Riley, Neshoba County, Mississippi. Susan had two grandchildren: Curtis O’Deal, three years old, and Mary Alice, one year old. The Census was taken on April 7, 1930. Indiaola would have been two months pregnant with Myrtle Pearl. Myrtle was born on November 11, 1930.

I don’t have a date of death or location of burial for Susan Williams. When I’m in Mississippi this summer, I’ll look for her grave at Mars Hill Cemetery. It seems a logical place to look since she was living with Jarrett and Ola not far from the there when she died.