James Wheeling

 Grandfather of Charles Henry Wheeling

According to the 1860 United States Federal Census, James Wheeling was born in Ireland in 1835 or 1836. On September 17, 1860, he was 24 years old and living with his wife, Mary, and four children in the Newburg Township, Pike County, Illinois. The nearest post office was in Pittsfield, Illinois.

James was a farmer and Mary kept the family’s home. Mary, born in Ireland, was 28 years old in 1860. All of the couple’s children were born in Illinois. Thomas, 9 years old, and Alice, 7 years old, attended school. Lafayette, 5 years old, and Robert, 2 years old, did not attend school.

The United States Civil War Draft Registrations Record of the Illinois 9th Congressional District (Volume 2 of 7) enumerated in July 1863 under the direction of Captain B. F. Westlake lists a James Wheeling, 28 years old, residing in Pleasant Vale Township. James is a married blacksmith. He was born in Ireland.

Further down the page of the U.S Civil War Draft Registrations, there is another James Wheeling. He is living in Newburg Township. He is a 31 year old, unmarried engineer. He was born in Alabama. This man is not our forefather. It is difficult and confusing to keep this man’s family separate from ours because they lived in the same area in Illinois at the same time. Census records can be found for this James Wheeling.

However, more information is needed about the parents of Lafayette Wheeling. I have been unable to locate any records (Census, Marriage, or Death) for the family of James and Mary Wheeling after 1863.

To where did they disappear?