William Peter Blount

Great Grandfather of Curtis O’Deal Williams

William Peter Blount was born in Alabama on November 10, 1827 to Clarissa Ann Cartwright, age 17, and John Thomas Blount, age 22. He died on December 24, 1907. He is buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery, Plattsburg, Winston County, Mississippi, USA.

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Unfortunately, there are no known photographs of William Peter Blount or his wife, Everline, at this time.

Siblings of William Peter Blount coming upon verification.

William Peter Blount married Everline C. Blount on August 24, 1850 in Washington county, Alabama. This date of marriage is suspicious to me. In 1850, Everline was only 15 years old and Census records state she was living with her parents in Mississippi. In addition, her son, John Thomas was born three years before her marriage to William Peter Blount.

Everline was born in Alabama on July 10, 1830. She died on April 4, 1900. She is buried in Old Mars Hill Cemetery, too. These dates can be found on Everline’s grave marker.

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According to the 1860 United States Federal Census, William Peter Blount was 33 years old and living with his wife, Everline C., and five children in Township 12 Range 10, Neshoba County, Mississippi on September 21, 1860. The nearest post office was located in Plattsburg, Mississippi.

William was a farmer. Everline was 30 years old and kept house. The occupation of all the wives on the 1860 Census page was “house keeper”. In rural Mississippi in 1860, “house keeper” did not mean, as it does today, that she cleaned other people’s houses. Everline and William lived in a wooden house without electricity or running water. Everline cooked meals over a fire, heated water for laundry over a fire, washed the laundry by hand, cleaned her house by sweeping and scrubbing everything with a stiff-bristle brush and preserved food for the winter by smoking or canning it herself. Women in 1860 had plenty of back-breaking labor to do to keep their own houses in top shape every day. They did not have time to clean other people’s houses.

Both William and Everline were born in the State of Alabama. All of their children were born in Mississippi. The children listed in the 1860 Census were John T., age 13; Nancy J., age 9; Mary C, age 6; Julia E., age 2 and Amanda V. C., age one month. The value of real estate owned was “800”. The value of his personal estate was “686”.

It’s interesting to note that John Thomas Blount was born May 22, 1847, three years before William and Everline married. Was William married before Everline? Was John Thomas a child from this marriage? Or was John Thomas Everline’s son from a marriage prior to William? We don’t know.

On April 12, 1861 when the Civil War began, William was 33 years old and Everline was 30 years old. It is unknown if William spent any time fighting in the Civil War.

According to the 1880 United States Federal Census, on July 10, 1880, William and his wife Everline, lived at Beat 5, Neshoba county, Mississippi, with seven children. William was a farmer. He was 54 years old. His father was born in North Carolina and his mother was born in Alabama. Everline’s father’s birthplace was Kentucky and her mother was born in Tennessee. Everline was 50 years old and her occupation was “keeping house”. The children living in the home were Amanda V., age 19; Alice E., age 19; William A., age 13; Charles A., age 10 and Travis M., age 5. Two grandchildren are living in the home. Pleasant C. Blount, a boy, is 7 years old and Masy J. Blount, a girl, is 5 years old.

Amanda is a laborer. All other children in the home are “at school”. The Census states that Charles, Travis, Pleasant and Masy cannot yet read or write.

Questions: Who is Alice E.? In 1860, Amanda was one month old. There was no mention of her having a twin sister. Alice is listed as “daughter” to the “head of the family”. Perhaps Alice and Amanda were were born ten or eleven months apart. In that case, they could have been the same age at the time of the 1880 Census. Who are the parents of the William’s grandchildren, Pleasant and Masy?

According to the 1900 United States Federal Census, on June 26, 1900, William was 72 years old. He was a farmer. I guess the man farmed until the day he died! At the time of the Census, William was “widowed”. His wife, Everline, had died on April 4, 1900. William and his daughter, Alice E. lived at Beat 5, Riley, Neshoba county, Mississippi. Alice was 37 years old. No occupation is listed for her. Perhaps she was keeping house and taking care of her daddy. He lived seven years more and died on December 24, 1907.

If you have more information on William Peter and Everline Blount, I would love to hear from you.